AgroServ enables access to many research infrastructures (RIs) across Europe for researchers from academia and industry. The RIs can be used for experiments with scientific or technological objectives to answer basic and applied questions related to sustainable and resilient agriculture and agroecological transition. This includes access to 47 imaging service categories offered through 9 Euro-BioImaging Nodes.

The Call is open to researchers who want to access the 200+ services offered by the AgroServ consortium which you can find in the catalog of services.

Researchers interested in accessing these services should submit proposals for projects that address interdisciplinary topics in agroecology by October 23rd, 2023, 12:00 am CEST.

The application process consists of two stages: the current pre-application phase and a full application phase for selected projects. In the current pre-application phase, researchers can indicate their interest to access any of the services listed in the service catalog. The Euro-BioImaging access managers of are available to offer guidance and support both in the selection of services as well as in navigating the application process. Contact us at

As the call aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, applicants should submit proposals that explore interdisciplinary subjects within the topic of agroecology and which use at least two services offered by different research infrastructures. However, if a scientifically excellent project requires the use of only one infrastructure service, we strongly encourage submission of an according pre-application for a single service. During the full application phase, the Euro-Bioimaging team will support researchers in potentially identifying additional services that complement the objectives of their research or work with coordination to allow AgroSERV support for individual service projects.

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