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  • Austrian BioImaging was prominently presented at EMIM 2023 in Salzburg

    Austrian BioImaging/CMI was one of the local organiser of the European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM2023) in Salzburg. Claudia Kuntner-Hannes, Verena Pichler, Sébastien Couillard-Després and Baubak Bajoghli have organized an Austrian session. In this session, Prof. Wolfgang Weninger, the scientific director, presented the portfolio of Austrian BioImaging/CMI. In addition, members of Austrian BioImaging, Prof. Martina......

  • Euro-BioImaging visited the Austrian BioImaging

    On 12th March 2022, we had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from Euro-BioImaging with Linda Chaabane and Antje Keppler, the directors of Euro-BioImaging, in Vienna. ✅ They visited some of our units, including those are working on development of novel imaging technologies at Technische Universität Wien, or implementing cutting-edge imaging technologies in translational research at Medizinische......

  • Euro-BioImaging meets Austrian BioImaging

    Monday, March 13, 2023, 2pm CET, via Webex with Linda Chaabanae, Section Director of the Med-Hub, Antje Keppler, Section director of the Bio-Hub, and Alessandra Viale, Scientific Project Manager Euro-BioImaging is a world-class European research infrastructure aimed to accelerate scientific excellence through open access to the latest imaging technologies, advanced......