Using the single-molecule fluorescence microscopy modality “TOCCSL” and flux assays, the subunit stoichiometry and function of the norepinephrine transporter (NET) was investigated. NET was found to form monomers (~60%) and dimers (~40%) at the plasma membrane. The average oligomeric state was found to decrease upon PIP2 depletion.


Dino Luethi 1 2Julian Maier 1Deborah Rudin 1Dániel Szöllősi 1Thomas J F Angenoorth 1Stevan Stankovic 1Matthias Schittmayer 3Isabella Burger 3Jae-Won Yang 1Kathrin Jaentsch 1Marion Holy 1Anand Kant Das 2 4Mario Brameshuber 2Gisela Andrea Camacho-Hernandez 5Andrea Casiraghi 5 6Amy Hauck Newman 5Oliver Kudlacek 1Ruth Birner-Gruenberger 3 7Thomas Stockner 1Gerhard J Schütz 8Harald H Sitte 9


Communications Biology volume 5, Article number: 1259 (2022)

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