Biomedical Image Informatics

Imaging is one of the key data acquisition technologies in medicine and life sciences and an extremely fast evolving technology delivering increasingly detailed insights into structure and function of organisms. This rich source of information enables fundamental insights into biological processes, but also supports the ongoing efforts to realize personalized medicine. However, scientists and physicians are confronted with an ongoing explosion of imaging data that has to be processed, inspected, analyzed and correlated and the ability to efficiently get access to the core information encoded in this data decides on its final usefulness.

VRVIs is Austria’s leading research center in the field of visual computing.

Our team, comprising more than 80 employees, works with great commitment on innovative application-oriented research and development projects. As a not-for-profit COMET Competence Center, we pursue the goal of building a bridge between research and practice with our partners from science, business and industry.

VRVis’ Biomedical Image Informatics Group is an interdisciplinary team addressing the above challenge by providing novel visual computing solutions covering complete image-based workflows in medicine and life science. The group is combining expertise in AI based image analytics and correlation, feature extraction, segmentation and semantic enhancement, (imaging) data visualization up to the development of complete solutions for image and spatial omics data management, mining and analytics (click here for examples). VRVis can further offer visualization services related to virtual, augmented and extended reality and visual analytics solutions for complex datasets.  Within Austrian Bioimaging  we offer consulting services, co-design and concept development as well as proof of concept studies for the implementation of complex image analytics, visualization solutions and web-based solutions for managing and mining data collections going beyond existing open source and commercially available software.
Our special focus is on software development for novel and/or high throughput imaging methods that require tailored image analytics, visualization and data management tools. We always aim at a close collaboration with the respective researcher demanding our services and also offer in this context research stays at VRVis.


– Image Analytics and Fusion Visualization

– Image and Data Visualization Data Collections

– Image Data Integration and Mining

– Atlas Building

– AI – Machine Learning

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