Support Services

In addition to imaging technologies, Austrian BioImaging provides access to supportive facilities.

Human body donor facility

The body donor facility is housed at the Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology of the Medical University of Vienna. It provides access to body donor material and to infrastructure for dissection, photography and video documentation.

Cardiac insights from the imaging lab

In the Hybrid OR facility, a small animal operating room (OR) sits across from the preclinical imaging laboratory, replete with echocardiography, CT, PET and MRI scanners for the assessment of cardiac morphology, structure, function and metabolism. This new hybrid PET-MRI system will enable assessing disease activity in the heart while MRI scanning provides detailed anatomic imaging and tissue characterization.

Imaging Diagnostic for Large Animals

The Department of Imaging Diagnostic at University of Veterinary Medicine of  Vienna is equipped with MRI and CT to image large animals.

Oral Biology – Morphometrics

The research portfolio includes explant cultures and preclinical research, with the main focus on bone regeneration and the osseointegration of dental implants. The group takes advantage of µCT to investigate the skull anatomy of various mouse models by geometrics morphometrics.

Plant Phenotyping

The PHENOPlant phenotyping platform is designed for non-invasive, morphometric and physiological high-throughput phenotyping of mid-size crop plants as well as Arabidopsis and is fully integrated into a state-of-the-art walk-in phytotron providing highly homogeneous plant growth conditions.

Hybrid Imaging Consultation

The Quantitative Imaging and Medical Physics (QIMP) at the Med Uni Vienna, is a group comprises of a variety of academic and non-academic experts who are united by the intent to provide scientific support to improving healthcare for patients. They are engaged in applied research that helps to clinically anchor the concept of personalized-medicine through the use of multi-modal imaging methods.

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