Jobs at IST-Austria

Several career development opportunities in imaging and optic facility at Institute of Science and Technology Austria, a leading scientific institutes in the Europe:

Date of post: January 20, 2023
Date of Deadline: January 18, 2024

➡ Technician @ IOF – As the Imaging & Optics Facility is expanding to another new building on ISTA Campus in 2023, we are searching for an organizational multi-tasker who wants to help us with establishing this new Imaging & Optics Facility hub on Campus, and thus wants to become part of a great team of imaging and cytometry specialists:

➡ Internship @ IOF – The Imaging & Optics Facility @ ISTA again offers the opportunity for an 3-6 month internship in our facility in 2023. Tasks are to assist in general organizational tasks, as well as the possibility to be involved in specific microscopy related projects (depending on applicant qualification):

➡ Student Job @ IOF – This year the Imaging & Optics Facility offers a “student Job” position for the first time: Help us out for a few hours per week (6-8h.week) – next to your study – to perform standardized quality control measurements on our high-end machine park, thereby helping with our system performance monitoring. Meanwhile, you can learn some ins-and-out about the beautiful world of microscopy and image analysis.

More details will come online soon, but early enthusiast can freely contact Gabriel Krens.

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