Monday, March 13, 2023, 2pm CET, via Webex with Linda Chaabanae, Section Director of the Med-Hub, Antje Keppler, Section director of the Bio-Hub, and Alessandra Viale, Scientific Project Manager

Euro-BioImaging is a world-class European research infrastructure aimed to accelerate scientific excellence through open access to the latest imaging technologies, advanced training, and image data services as a continuum from biological to biomedical imaging.

Imaging technologies are a central technology platform driving research in most disciplines of the life sciences, but not every scientist can be expected to specialize in state-of-the-art approaches, even if novel methods would greatly benefit the application being addressed. That’s why Euro-BioImaging’s role is to offer all scientists open access to imaging instruments, expertise, training opportunities, and data management services beyond what is available at their home institutions or among their collaborators.

The technologies offered by Euro-BioImaging can be accessed at 35 Nodes, involving 173 internationally renowned imaging facilities distributed across Europe (16 EU countries and EMBL). They cover the whole spectrum of biological and biomedical imaging, with an ever-growing portfolio of cutting-edge instruments. New technologies are included continuously to offer access to the most innovative technologies on the market.

All scientists, regardless of affiliation, area of expertise, or field of activity, can benefit from Euro-BioImaging’s pan-European open access services.

Euro-BioImaging also closely works with technology developers, both from academia as well as from industry, to highlight the latest developments in imaging technology, raise awareness for them and to proof their open access capabilities.

Many funding opportunities are available to support users with their travel and access costs.

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