Computed Tomography (CT) is a widely used imaging technique that produces 3D images of internal structures in animals using X-rays. Its high resolution makes it a valuable tool for studying diseases and treatments, and its ability to noninvasively image internal structures allows for longitudinal studies. Our CT’s can scan animals of varying sizes, including dogs and cats, making it a useful tool in veterinary research. Furthermore, multimodal imaging capabilities are possible with this method, allowing it to be combined with various other techniques, either beforehand or afterwards.

For in vivo scans of larger animals, such as horses and cattle, we have a unique crane fitted to ensure their handling and well-being. Resulting image stacks can be processed by experts or by the researcher themselves.


– Bone phenotying & measurements
– Perfused blood vessels
In-vivo Imaging
– Quantification of tumor volume in laboratory rodent models
– Imaging of vertebrates for functional morphological analyses
– Imaging of clinical veterinary samples (tumors, orthopedic samples)

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