Focused Ion Beam – Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM) is based on a slice-and-view approach to generate stacks of 2D EM images. The data can be reconstructed in 3D and provide a comprehensive and accurate view on the subcellular organisation of cells and tissues, at a resolution in the nm range. A FIB-SEM is a dual beam setup with an electron column for imaging and an ion column that is used as a slicing-tool. A beam of gallium ions is used to scan over the sample surface milling away a thin layer in a very precise manner. With this approach, layers as thin as 5 nm can be removed. Although other 3D EM imaging modalities are available (tomography, serial-sectioning TEM), FIB-SEM is favourable for its throughput in image collection. The sample preparation is carried out at the facilities.


– Cross sectioning and imaging
– Chemical characterization
– Structural cell analysis
– Material analysis

Instrument for tensile testing of individual collagen fibrils with facile sample coupling and uncoupling.

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