Photoacoustic imaging, is an innovative imaging method that utilizes light to stimulate the sample, while detecting the light-induced acoustic waves to create a 3D absorption map. Its unique ability to visualize vasculature imaging is due to the absorption of haemoglobin, and PAM also excels in deep tissue imaging with centimetre level imaging depth. With no need for invasive procedures or contrast agents, this non-invasive method brings quick results in a user-friendly setup. Combined with optical coherence tomography and widefield microscopy, this multimodal imaging technique yields fantastic results.


– Zebrafish embryos
– Tumor organoids
– Quick 3D information
– Live imaging without contrast agent


Phase-stable swept source OCT angiography in human skin using an akinetic source, Biomed. Opt. Express 7, 3032-3048 (2016):

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