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  • Austrian BioImaging/CMI at EMIM2023

    More than 50 scientists from Austria attended this year’s EMIM2023 in Salzburg. Many of them presented their work in the form of talks or posters at this international meeting. A great meeting with a great contribution from Austrian scientists....

  • Austrian BioImaging was prominently presented at EMIM 2023 in Salzburg

    Austrian BioImaging/CMI was one of the local organiser of the European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM2023) in Salzburg. Claudia Kuntner-Hannes, Verena Pichler, Sébastien Couillard-Després and Baubak Bajoghli have organized an Austrian session. In this session, Prof. Wolfgang Weninger, the scientific director, presented the portfolio of Austrian BioImaging/CMI. In addition, members of Austrian BioImaging, Prof. Martina......